Spread Your Content Far and Wide Through Content Syndication

Now that we (appropriately) have a renewed focus on content marketing, we thought we would present a tactic that is somewhat little-used. Content syndication is a wonderful way to have your best content spread around the Web with relatively little effort. The reasons you’ll want to dive headlong into content syndication are many.

First off, the authority, traffic and backlinks created from this type of marketing can be profound. Add the social media components of these sites, and your own efforts with letting your social channels know about postings, and you’ve got the recipe for a flood of reward.

5 Excellent tips for syndicating your content!

  • Paid content syndication sites - If you have a bit of a budget, (but not a lot!) content syndication sites like Outbrain and Taboola are great choices to get your content seen on major websites like Time, The Washington Post and CNN, and a host of others. These are easy to use, and welcome smaller marketers.
  • Blogs within your industry - A free method that you can employ would be searching out blogs strongly related your market and offering your content to them. A great number of sites are too busy to keep pace with their own content needs and are looking for quality content.
  • Document sharing sites - Another no-brainer for content syndication is placing content on the various document sharing sites like Slideshare, Scribd, DocStoc and others. These websites are highly trafficked, and if your content is good you’ll get a ton of views and backlinks when they are shared and downloaded. Very easy to do, and there is no approval process.
  • Submit to content aggregators - There are actually sites that aggregate content from around the web, and some of these have grown into some of the biggest sites out there today. Think Mashable, TechCrunch, etc. You’ll be much more likely to get your content submitted to the likes of AllTop and 9Rules.
  • Submit to blogging networks - Submit your blogs posts to blogging networks like BlogEngage and Bloggersbase. These sites have a ton of visitors, and your content can find many new readers here. Which is what we’re all after, right?

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