Measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts

Since we are all know that along with the incredible promise of social media comes the required time and energy involved, we should avail ourselves of a way to measure the effectiveness of those efforts, lest we waste loads of time and money.

This is way more than just checking the numbers of Likes and pages shares you’re getting. We’re talking about how effective your social media is at providing you with the results you are seeking. Let’s check out a handful of ways to get this done.

5 Metrics to use when determining social media effectiveness

  1. Monitor your social media presence - There are any number of tools that can help you monitor your social media effectiveness. A short list would contain tools like,, and Social Each one of the major social media platforms also offer some capability to allow you to keep track of what going on, as well as Google Analytics.
  2. Quantify your visitor’s engagement - A large number of social media visitors doesn’t really mean anything on its own. We have to understand how, or if, they are being impacted by your content. Check out the actions they are taking once there, and this can help you understand whether your campaign is paying off or not.
  3. Look hard at CTR - By tracking campaigns on a granular level right through to your desired action, whether it be sales or other, you can get a handle on how much your efforts are truly paying off.
  4. Look at your referrers - Each social media platform sends a different sort of person, and because of this you need to examine how each of them performs with a view toward ROI. A smaller number of visitors from one source could very well convert a great deal better than one that sends many more!
  5. Create campaign specific landing pages - One of the best ways for you to make things easier is by making campaign specific landing pages. This will allow you to clearly view how well that one is working for you.

Setting up a system that helps you track and measure your social media marketing is a major help in determining how well it’s working for you. Get this in motion today!

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