How to Develop a Winning Video Marketing Strategy

You’ve always meant to get a video marketing strategy started, but for whatever reason it just hasn’t gotten off the ground. Let’s end any uncertainty and delay due to lack of knowledge about what to do right here and now.

Having a great video marketing strategy isn’t just luck. It has to be an integral part of an overall content marketing plan that brings together multiple elements of your marketing, from email to social media. It’s not something to outsource unless you’re really confident in the person executing it. It’s your business we’re promoting here, after all!

Today’s successes in the video marketing arena are there because they had a plan, and they executed it. Let’s discover how you can do that with your business!

5 Tips for creating a killer video marketing strategy!

  1. Video your testimonials - Video is a great way to not only offer awesome social proof regarding your business and products, but can also generate a lot of goodwill with those who are offering the testimonial. It’s a win-win for everyone, and is miles beyond a print testimonial in terms of veracity and usefulness.
  2. Be helpful - Nothing endears you to your audience like somebody that frequently offers advice and help on topics of importance to them. Use video to teach, inspire, answer questions and deliver useful tutorials.
  3. Product videos - Showcase your products, but not simply with a salesy selection of slick images and then an obligatory call to action. Instead, show how your products can help the end user in an engaging and fun way, and you’ll have a customer for life!
  4. Brand your videos - Keeping your brand front and center in your videos is a simple way to help build brand awareness, so you’re the only outfit they think of with regards to your niche.
  5. Develop your YouTube Channel - Getting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel is a marvelous way to improve your reach across the Web, getting more views, links and consequently, more traffic and sales. Brand your YouTube channel as carefully as you would your Facebook page or website, for it can be a traffic magnet!

With over 6 billion hours of YouTube videos getting watched every month, isn’t it time for you to get in on some of that action?

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