How do I capture leads for my business using the Internet?

You capture leads online by offering something of value for free, in exchange for prospects’ contact
information which they enter into a form on a Web page. Depending on your business, it can be a
special report, a buyer’s guide, a regular newsletter, a coupon, a free consultation or assessment, etc.
Request a personal consultation so we can help you determine the best, most affordable way to capture leads
online for your business. [LINK HERE to Contact Us page]

What are Internet Influence Engines and why do they matter to my business?

Although we know Google is the number one search engine, most of us don’t know there are more than
50 other key online locations! You must be using these other locations to help Google rank your business
so your target audience can find you.
We call these “Influence Engines” and they include:
• Local Search Engines like Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and Merchant Circle
• Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Yelp! and Twitter
• Internet Business Directories like Superpages.com and Kudzu
• Online Business Directories specific to your region or metro area
• Online Directory Assistance sites like 411.com, and
• Many category-specific directories relating to your industry
Insert logos of Google places, Yaho, facebook, twitter, yelp, merchant circle
They matter to your business because they can have an enormous impact on how easily people find you
online. Getting your information listed and encouraging customers to post comments and reviews is one
of the first things you should do to get leads and customers from the Internet.
Go here [link to sales video page] to watch a free video that explains it all

Once I do an online marketing campaign, why would I need to manageit month after month?

Would you run just one ad in the newspaper and expect it to continue to generate calls or foot traffic? It’s the same thing online. You want people to find you when they’re looking online, which means you have to stay fresh! Keep in mind that search engines and directories treat your messaging like grocery store produce. Thereis a “sell by” date on almost every piece of digital information. If you’re not putting fresh content on your shelves, you will lose to someone who is.  Request a personal consultation so we can help you create the optimal plan for managingt your business’ marketing campaigns and social media on a monthly schedule. [LINK HERE to Contact Us page]

What’s the benefit of using paid online services like Adwords?

Paid online advertising like Google Adwords (also known as pay-per-click advertising) can enhance youroverall online marketing program but you shouldn’t rely on it exclusively.Before you go spending money though, get an online marketing expert to help you research the bestkeywords to focus on for your ads.Also, you should consider using Facebook ads, especially if you have a business page set up onFacebook. You can target specific locations, demographics, likes, etc. on Facebook that you can’t in otheronline paid ad services.Let us help you determine the best, most affordable way to integrate paid advertising into your online marketing plan. [LINK HERE to Contact Us page]

What is social media?

Social media are online channels or services that people use to communicate with friends, followers,subscribers and others with like interests. They all have social features including the ability to “like” another member’s messages, rate a service, product or experience, post reviews or comments, etc.The most prominent examples include YouTube (more than 300,000,000 visits each month), Facebook(more than 500,000,000 members), and Twitter (more than 200,000,000 members).Another significant social medium for local businesses is Yelp! With 39,000,000 monthly visits, Yelp!combines local business listings with user ratings and reviews in a highly social environment that allows members to subscribe to other members’ reviews. Go here [link to sales video page] to watch a free video that explains how Yelp! Facebook, Twitter, and other Internet “influence engines” can help drive your business growth.

Why would my business need a text message follow-up campaign?

Let’s look at some telling statistics: • 91% of Americans have mobile phones • People send 152 billion mobile text messages each month • 90% of text messages are read within one minute of receiptText messaging is now a major form of communication. Businesses that know how to incorporate it intotheir marketing plans have an edge over those who don’t. Imagine being able to cut through all the clutter and reach your prospect or customer on the gadget they keep with them all the time—in their pockets and purses, in their cars, at their work desks…even on their night tables?Your messages, delivered judiciously and strategically, could turn a slow night or month into a bonanza.For more information on how you can incorporate mobile marketing using text message lead capture and follow up into your marketing plan, text your name and email address to XXX-XXX-XXXX. (Text: Your Name xxxxxx@yyyyyy.com where Your Name is your first and last name andxxxxxx@yyyyyy.com is your email address.

Why is social media important to my business?

A couple of statistics are key to understand why online social media are critical for your business: • 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations • Only 14% trust adsIf you can establish yourself in the right social media and you have a strategy for generating positive reviews and ratings, you can dominate your market.Your presence in social media, like your own YouTube channel or Facebook businesspage, establishes your business as a social authority. It engages your prospects and customers on their “turf,” instead of having to drive them to your Website to establish a relationship. You can communicate with them regularly and offer deals and specials as part of an ongoing conversation, instead of an occasional intrusion. It also personalizes your business and makes it more likeable.Request information about our Social Media Power Cluster service and how it can help your business get established, and dominating online. [LINK HERE to Contact Us page]

How do I know I can reach my customers through social media?

This is really a myth-busting answer because a common misconception is that only young people areusing Facebook, YouTube and other social media. The fastest-growing demographic on Facebook is 34 to65 year-old women. When you consider the social network has more than 500,000,000 members, it’s asafe bet your customers are on there. Another example is YouTube, which has become a household name and a common online destination.Who do you know who hasn’t watched videos on YouTube or searched for information there? With morethan 300,000,000 monthly visits, it, too, is a safe bet for reaching your customers.Request information about our Social Media Power Cluster service and how it can help your business get established and begin dominating online. [LINK HERE to Contact Us page]

Isn’t online video hard to create?

With today’s technology it isn’t nearly as difficult as it was even five years ago. The development of easyto-use, high quality pocket video recorders has changed that. The Flip and the presence of high qualityvideo cameras in smartphones, like Apple’s iPhone, make video recording pretty hassle-free.There are a few strategic elements you want to add to videos for marketing purposes such as themention of an offer and a call to action. But an online marketing consultant can take care of those details for you.Editing and distribution are areas that require some additional tools, but they have been vastly simplifiedfor marketers in the past few years as well.Find out how easy it is to create a high visibility, traffic-driving online video marketing campaign by contacting us for a personal consultation. [LINK HERE to Contact Us page]

Why do I need you to build a mini-site for my business if I already have a Website?

The mini-site we build for you is specially optimized for the search engines (what we call “search enginefriendly), and most importantly, is designed to capture leads. We can always link it to your regularbusiness web site, but we have tested these sites extensively and know they deliver results in the form of traffic and leads.To request information about how we can develop a custom Web presence for your business contact us for a personal consultation. [LINK HERE to Contact Us page

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