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What’s the deal with daily deals?

Daily deal sites keep expanding and growing as there are now some 650+ daily deal sites. Amazon’s daily deals is expanding to more cities across America. What’s interesting is that Facebook is shutting their deals down.

The biggest deal site, Groupon, now has more than 100 million people subscribed, but its website traffic has declined the past two months, per Hitwise. Friday, hundreds of sales staff from Groupon filed a class-action suit, claiming the company isn’t paying overtime. While all this is going on, LivingSocial, Groupon’s biggest competitor had a 27% increase in web traffic.Pretty exciting!

It could be too exciting, considering that though 44% of consumers use these daily deal sites, more than 50% of them feel swamped by the daily deals filling up their email inboxes, according to Pricegrabber.  Well, here is a nice infographic from Lab42 that gives some more insight to everything that is going on.

One thing I’d like to point out is that 82% of people have returned to a business after purchasing a daily deal from them. This is the purpose of these deal sites from a local business perspective. You want to get people in the door and keep them coming back to your business. You want to turn prospects into long-term loyal customers, or as I like to call them “raving” fans.

To do this, you need to track every customer that comes in with a daily deal coupon. Record who they are so that you can follow-up with them via text message or email. Direct them to your social media pages to get more special “members-only” discounts. This will help you build your following and take advantage of the daily deal opportunities.

Local Daily Deals

Is Social Media a fad?

It doesn’t look like it’s a fad. You need to jump on board this fast moving marketing method before it really is too late. And here is another great video from 2009…have you been missing the party for the last few years?
Social Media Revolution

If you are ready to take action make sure to get the free report we offer and get ahold of us so we can walk you through 5 basic things you can get started doing right now to promote your business and get more customers online.

Why All Small Businesses Need Internet Marketing

Many entrepreneurs don’t maximize the marketing power and reach of the Internet — whether it’s social networking, tools to identify and track customers, or even their own websites. Either they don’t really understand how to use the Web for advertising and marketing, or they are reluctant to add new dimensions to their existing marketing plans. But the reality is that Internet marketing just as much, if not more, valuable — not to mention, more cost effective — than a traditional marketing campaign.

For business owners that have tried to embrace Internet marketing, they often misuse or overuse it, particularly social media. As with any other marketing strategy, using the Internet to market products or services cannot be aggressive or overt. It’s most effective when used in conjunction with traditional marketing techniques as another way to develop real relationships with future and existing clients and connect with them in targeted, personal ways. As an entrepreneur, you need a solid plan for navigating the path to successfully marketing, networking, and advertising of your business online to fully take advantage of growth opportunities.

Diversify your Internet marketing portfolio by thinking beyond your website.

Build a brand by building buzz

But don’t forget your website, either

Go local — and global

Track what works.